Korean Terminology


Attention Charyot
Bow Kyung-rae
Meditation Muknyum
Ready Stance Joonbi (Naranhi Sohgi)
Begin Shijahk
Switch Sides / Fieet Pahl-bahko
Break (Temporary Stop) Kalyo
End Gomahn
Return to Ready Stance Bahro
Rest Sho

Beginning and Ending Class (senior student)

Beginning Class

“Charyot!” (Attention!) “Sahbom-nim* kae, kyung-rae” (to the master instructor, bow) * Appropriate terms can be substituted (i.e. Kwanjang-nim, Chokyo-nim, Kyosa-nim, etc.)

If the class has student assistants add…

“Sunbae-nim, kyung-rae” (to the senior students/assistants, bow)

Ending Class

Same as beginning, but also Instructor Says: “Sugetsumnida” (good effort!) Students Respond: “Kahmsahmnida” (thank you)



One Hana
Two Dool
Three Set
Four Net
Five Tahsut
Six Yohsut
Seven Ilgop
Eight Yodol
Nine Ahop
Ten Yol


First Il
Second I (ee)
Third Sahm
Fourth Sah
Fith Oh
Sixth Yook
Seventh Chil
Eigth Pahl
Ninth Ku
Tenth Ship



Ready Stance Naranhi Sohgi
Sparring Stance Kyoroogi Jahsae
Walking Stance Ahp Sohgi
Forward Stance Ahp Koobi
Back Stance Dwi Koobi
Horse Stance Joochum Sohgi


Switch Position Pahl-bahko
Forward Slide Junjin
Backward Slide Whojin
Forward Step Ilbo-Junjin
Backward Step Ilbo-Whojin


Front Kick Ahp Chahgi
Roundhouse Kick Dollyo Chahgi
Side Kick Yop Chahgi
Axe Kick Nehryo Chahgi
Back Kick Dwi Chahgi
Push/Cut Kick Mirruh Chahgi
Whip (Hook) Kick Hooryo Chahgi
Spin Whip (Hook) Kick Dwi Hooryo Chahgi
Knee Kick Mooryup Chahgi
Jumping Kick Tuioh Chahgi


Head of School/Program Kwanjang-nim
Master Instructor Sahbom-nim
Assistant Instructor Chogyo-nim
Training Instructor Kyosa-nim


Training Hall Dojahng
Gymnasium Chaeyukkwan
Uniform Dohbok
Belt Di

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