Article I. Name of Organization

Stanford Taekwondo Club

Article II. Organization Description

The Stanford Taekwondo Club consists of undergraduate, graduate students, and community members who study the ancient Korean martial art of Taekwondo. Classes focus on: basic and advanced blocking, kicking, and striking; self-defense techniques; tournament-style sparring; organized forms; stamina and flexibility; and meditation and spirit. In addition to providing a rigorous workout, the club fosters a social atmosphere among its members, organizing various social events outside of regular workouts. On campus, the club conducts public Taekwondo demonstrations, belt promotional exams, and open competitive tournaments.

Article III. Eligibility for Membership

Membership is open to all registered Stanford students interested in studying Taekwondo with the Stanford Taekwondo Club. Stanford faculty and staff may become members of the club, but may not hold officer positions. Individuals outside of the immediate Stanford community may participate in the club, but are not considered members and as such do not have decision-making or voting capabilities. To achieve club membership one must be currently active in the club's classes and activities, and must have been active in the club's classes for a minimum of one academic quarter, during which time the member is expected to regularly attend class and participate in belt promotional exams. Quarterly registration fees are required for membership except in the case of club officers. Membership in the club ends once the member stops participating regularly in the club's classes or fails to pay quarterly class registration fees, with the exception of the summer quarter.

Article IV. Officers

A. Titles and Responsibilities

President (Oversees general operation and administration of the club and officers, serves as main public contact for the club.) Vice President (Assists the president in overseeing general operation and administration of the club and officers) Financial Officer (Manages club finances, including depositing all fees, reimbursing individuals for expenses, and keeping track of financial records) Secretary (Records and maintains attendance, fee payments, waiver forms, testing forms, and all other club documentation) Fundraising Chair (Serves as club liaison for The Stanford Fund Student Group Partnership and other sources of funding, actively explores and coordinates additional fundraising opportunities) Publicity Chair (Organizes flier distribution and general promotion for classes, public Taekwondo demonstrations, and other events; coordinates additional public appearances and community activities) Equipment Manager (Maintains all club equipment, coordinates ordering of uniforms, club equipment, personal sparring equipment, and other club accessories as necessary) Webmaster (Designs, develops, and maintains the club's online presence) All club officers must be registered Stanford students.

B. Elections

Any club member may run for any officer position except the president; only red or black belts may do so. Elections are held as a written ballot at the end of the winter quarter, and require a simple majority vote for the officer positions. A vote is not necessary if a candidate is running uncontested for a position. In the case of a tie, a simply majority vote by the sitting officers will determine the tiebreaker.

D. Removal Process

Any officer can be removed by a simple majority vote from the club members.

C. Length of Term

Length of term is one full year, starting at the beginning of the spring quarter. During this time, all officers are exempt from paying class registration fees. If an officer is unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities, the officer may select a replacement contingent on a simple majority approval of the sitting officers.

Article V. Dissolution of Organization

A. Disposition of Uncommitted Funds

Any remaining funds will be returned to the Stanford Martial Arts Program (SMAP) at the end of the academic quarter the dissolution occurs.

B. Disposition of Property

Any remaining property will be designated to the Stanford Martial Arts Program (SMAP) at the end of the academic quarter the dissolution occurs.

Article VI. Procedure to Amend Constitution

Any club member may present an amendment to the constitution. A simple majority vote of all current club members will be required for club approval of any proposed amendments.

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