Bridge: It’s not your grandmother’s card game.

             Well, actually, it may very well be your grandmother’s card game. But, despite social stigmas, bridge is a fun and challenging game for all ages with depth rivaling that of chess, go, and other popular pastimes. In addition, as a partnership game, bridge is also social—a fun activity for friends and a great way to meet new people. Bridge can be learned by middle schoolers, but remains challenging for 40 year veterans of the game.
             The Stanford Bridge Club exists to introduce new players to the game and support the game on campus and in the community. Our weekly games are informal and open to beginners and experts alike. If you’re fond of puzzles, math, or other games, have family or friends who play, or are just looking for an interesting hobby, come check us out!



Our games are fun, low-key, and open to everyone!

We meet weekly at 7:30PM and play until we feel like leaving (usually 11ish).

The games are Tuesday nights, held at the Old Union (next to Tresidder) on the second floor.

You can come late, leave early, come with or without a partner. Players of all levels are welcome.

More information is available by contacting Emi: emikelly at stanford dot e-d-u.


Mailing List

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In addition to being a great place to play bridge casually, Stanford has dominated the college bridge scene in recent years.

Upcoming competition

The next competition for college--aged students is the World Youth Bridge Open Championships in Atlanta, August 3--11. This coincides with the Atlanta NABC. I think ACBL players are suppose to register their team.


Stanford has the following recent high finishes in the North American Collegiate Bridge Championship (the most widely recognized competition for bridge at colleges in North America):

1st Place. 2003, 2009

2nd Place, 2004, 2007, 2012

3rd Place, 2005

4th Place, 2010

Round Robin (5th-8th), 2011