Student Groups and Mailing Lists

BiTheWay - student group (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • This list will be used to organize events for the queer social group biversity, targeted at the bisexual and bi-allied community, and to publicize information of interest to this community. 

BlaQs - student group (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • Black and Queer at Stanford (BlaQS) is a support organization dedicated to the affirmation and advancement of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, and queer identified Black students, faculty, and staff at Stanford University. BlaQs increases social and political awareness of the issues surrounding race, sexual orientation, and gender identity both on and off campus. The organization endeavors to enrich the cultural and intellectual diversity of both the larger Black and Queer communities. Negotiating membership in multiple intersecting communities, the members of our organization are devoted to activism and education across and within community boundaries. BlaQS champions and exemplifies the plurality of Blackness and Black activism. 

gradq (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • This is the mailing list for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex (LGBTQQI) graduate and professional students at Stanford University. All sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome! Please use this moderated list only for announcements related to LGBTQQI topics. Messages of general interest, as well as conversations between subscribers, should be restricted to other mailing lists or private email.  

Indigenous Queers - student group (subscribe to mailing list - currently inactive)

  • To send important information about the student group I.Q.'s (Indigenous Queers) activities, events, meetings, social, activism, and friendship. Native American Queer / Ally students

Jewish Queers - student group (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • This list will be used for communication between and amongst all members of JQ, an officially registered VSO. It will be used primarily for publicity and advertizing and program/events information purposes 

La Familia - student group  (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • La Familia de Stanford is a social and support organization dedicated to the affirmation of LGBTQ-identified and allied Chicana/Chicano & Latina/Latino students in the Stanford community. Meetings provide a comfortable environment on campus to make new friends, and to experience the many different ways people express their identities as a Chicana/Chicano and as an LGBTQ person. Part of the queers of color coalition along with Q&A, BlaQS, and SAIG.

LGBTQ - Medical (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • lgbt-medical is a listserv at Stanford University School of Medicine for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally community. All students (undergraduate and graduate), staff, faculty (including adjunct), post-doctoral fellows, residents, and medical fellows are welcome. All sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome. The listserv is used to: -discuss LGBTQ items relevant to the medical community, both at Stanford and in general -discuss general medical topics relevant to the general population, which includes LGBTQ people -discuss medical education and curriculum aspects relating to LGBTQ topics -request assistance/opinion/advise from others regarding a LGBTQ-related issue (medical or not) (This list is not for medical advice.) -announce LGBTQ social events, frequently (but not limited to) events sponsored by LGBT-Meds (medical school), OutLaw (law school), and Out4Biz (business school) The listserv is moderated. Your membership of the list is confidential (unless you post a message) and is only able to be viewed by the list owners for list administrative purposes. Under no circumstances is this list provided to anyone. 

OutLaw (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • OutLaw is Stanford's gay, lesbian & bisexual law students' association. This is a closed list, meaning that only list subscribers will be able to post messages to the list. 

Out4Biz (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • Out4Biz is the e-mail distribution list for Out for Business, the GSB organization for LGBT students, alumni and allies. 

qnet (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • The primary purpose of qnet is to be a distribution list for the ?LGBT-CRC and for the posting Stanford LGBT-related events. gets LOTS of email, but virtually anything queer or queer-related (including courses with lgbt material, conferences on LGBT health issues, LGBT scholarships, social events, parties) is sent out to this list.

Queer & Asian - student group (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • This list will be used for distribution of information to members of the Q & A: Queer & Questioning Asians & Pacific Islanders organization.  

queerwomen (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • queer women gatherings are posted here (ex. Queer women-oriented events on-campus, outings to SF, movie nights, etc.)

School's Out (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • Stanford School of Education LGBT listserv

Stanford Students for Queer Liberation (SSQL) - student group (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • As an activist collective, we believe that LGBT freedom involves more than legal equality – it necessitates radical social change. We affirm that the right to be different is a fundamental human right and organize around the fact that our liberation is not contingent on adapting to the status quo, but on contesting and changing social norms. We envision a world where all people can manifest their identities with integrity and security. SSQL Homepage

STAAT - student group (subscribe to the mailing list)

transgender (subscribe to the mailing list)

  • This list is a forum for transgender, genderqueer, questioning and ally students, faculty and staff. It is meant to be a way for members and supporters of the trans community at Stanford to connect and dialogue. Remember, T is for Terrific! 



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