Parakaleo Christian Ministries Presents...


God’s Wisdom for Life-filled, Life-giving Relationships



Vital insights into greatly deepening your own personal relationship with Jesus


how to partner with Him to grow meaningful, mutually up-building relationships

with real people like me

whether friends, roommates, family, dating, engagement, marriage

or vision to prepare for a future truly fulfilling Christ-centered marriage.

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is God’s practical instruction to us in the “how-to’s” of interpersonal relationships. It begins with insights into the amazing real and lasting provisions that God has already given me and every believer in Jesus, that give me:

hope to grow to live and love ever more like Jesus during this current life on earth (and not just when I die and go to heaven)
great worth to God because of my potential as a new creature in Christ with the Holy Spirit reproducing His life in me (much more than just forgiveness!)
immense power to rise up out of my natural approach to life with all its defects, limitations and frustrations into relating to others in ways that really bless them and fulfill me as I grow into closer alliance with Jesus and His and our heavenly Father.


for both your own encouragement


equipping to help a lifetime of others.

Taught by Steve & Erica Lawry who have served students at Stanford for 40 years though applicational teaching from God’s word, mentoring and counseling undergrads, grad students and couples from all cultural backgrounds.

Come join us (both undergrads and grad students):

Wednesday evenings 7-9pm

for teaching, applicational discussion, prayer and fellowship

(followed by optional hang-out time 9-10pm)


Wednesday Evening Meetings- Old Union 3rd Floor CIRCLE Seminar Room


Sponsored by Parakaleo Christian Ministries at Stanford

Training and Equipping Biblical Counselors since 1975

Questions & more info: contact Timothy Le 770-402-3438

or Isabella Leon Calle


All Stanford students are welcome (undergrad/grad,
also spouses, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.)


Comments about each part from other students who have taken the Biblical Counseling Class: Fall QuarterWinter QuarterSpring Quarter

Sample audio from Session 21, Spring 2003. Text: Song of Solomon 2:15-17. 5-minute excerpt in MP3 format (2 MB file size).


Student contact: Timothy Le (


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