Biblical Counseling Course: Bible Study for Personal Growth and Equipping to Minister to Others 

Starting in the Fall Quarter 2014, we will be studying Part 1 of the Biblical Counseling Course material, "Growth and Change from the Heart" as an in-depth application oriented Bible study that combines both presentation and interactive discussion.

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Seminars for Personal Growth and Equipping to Minister to Others

Periodically offered at lunch (dates TBA)

These one-time seminars focus on specific issues that are common to most of our life experiences and those around us, communicating practical insights and wisdom that God has given us in a relevant passage of scripture to help us appropriate the opportunities inherent in the challenge for real life for ourselves, our relationships, and our ministries to others. Popular topics from past years (some of which might be repeated) have included:

  • “How Modern Saints Can Love Their Valentines”
  • “Freedom to Forgive, Freedom to Love”
  • “Leaving and Yet Honoring Parents”
  • “Dealing with Anger”
  • “Roommates: Friendship, Frustration, and Fellowship"
  • "Victory over Habits"
  • "Motivation in Study, the Lab, and the Workplace"
  • "Freedom from Image, Exercise and Eating Patterns"
  • "How to Identify a Prospective Life Partner"


Mentoring, Biblical Counseling, and Other Resources for Students

The leaders of Parakalo Christan Ministries, Steve and Erica Lawry, provide one-on-one mentoring for students taking the Biblical Counseling Course or involved in the Parakaleo Bible studies or seminars. They also provide confidential Biblical counseling for Stanford students or couples, and resources for students who are ministering to others from the Bible.