Amalia Hadjitheodorou  
About Amalia
Amalia grew up in Athens, Greece. She attended the University of Patras in Greece and received her B.S. in Physics (summa cum laude). During her undergrad she lived as a science nomad, perambulating different scientific branches, and after graduation she went on to complete a MSc in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford, UK. While at Oxford she rowed proudly for Hertford College and learned not to take sunshine for granted. Amalia is currently a third year PhD student in the Bioengineering Department at Stanford. She is a member of the Theriot lab, working at the interface of engineering and cellular biophysics.

Georgios Laskaris  
About Georgios
Georgios Laskaris was born in Athens, Hellenic Republic. He attended the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences of the National Technical University of Athens from where he graduated in May, 2007. One year later, he joined the physics department of Duke University as a graduate student. He received his Master of Arts in 2011 and his Doctor of Philosophy in 2015. He is currently a postdoctoral associate at the Neutrino group of professor Giorgio Gratta.

Iakovos Anagnostopoulos  
About Iakovos
Iakovos was born in Athens, where he learned French, semi-professional swimming and street soccer. He has always been keen on law and politics and so became an attorney; a capacity he enjoys equally either being on the transactional or the policy-making side. He is an alumnus of the Athens Law School and a student of Financial Law Professor Rosa Lastra of Queen Mary, University of London. After practicing law for several years, he is back to law school studying American corporate law at Stanford. Iakovos trusts in entrepreneurship as means for social advancement, knowledgeable politics, and Panathinaikos. He’s married and has two sons.

Vaggos Chatziafratis  
About Vaggos
Hi! I am Vaggos (Evangelos/Vaggelis) Chatziafratis and I just joined the Theory Group in the Computer Science Department as a PhD student. Prior to that, I graduated from National Technical University of Athens where I studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I like classical music, especially piano pieces. I am married and have one little girl, Anna.

Danaë Metaxa  
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Georgios Katsikis  
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Kostis Kaffes  
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Faidra Monachou  
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