Membership Information

Every person interested in Hellenic/Greek culture can be a member or affiliate of Hell.A.S (Article 2 of the Constitution). In order to become a member please apply here. You can find the constitution here.

If you cannot become a member at OrgSync and you would like to stay informed about Hell.A.S. there are also a few mailing lists you may want to become part of:

Hellenic ( : The purpose of the hellenic list is to facilitate, promote and foster communication paths among the members of the Hell.A.S. provide a forum for the discussion of affairs relevant to the hellenic culture and broadcast information on activities which are organized by the Hell.A.S. or may be of interest to the members of this list.

Hellas Students ( The purpose of the hellas-students is to act as a contact point for Hell.A.S. members which are currently students at Stanford. This will be substituted by the OrgSync communication system.

Greek Kafeneio ( : The purpose of the greek-kafeneio list is to provide a forum of discussion for any topic that might be OUTSIDE the scope of the above mailing lists.