ARTICLE 1: Name and Goals

The name of this organization is Hellenic Association at Stanford - HellAS.
The goals of the Association are:

  1. To bring together people of Hellenic heritage and people interested in Hellenic culture.
  2. To organize and support cultural, social and recreational events for its members, affiliates and the Stanford community in general.
  3. To keep its members and the community informed about current issues in Greece, Cyprus and the European Union.
  4. To promote the spirit of Hellenism.

ARTICLE 2: Membership

  1. All currently registered Stanford students interested in Hellenic culture are eligible for membership.
  2. Other members of the Stanford community and Bay Area residents who are not members of the Stanford community but show a keen interest in Hellenic affairs and culture can become affiliates of the Association.
  3. A member can be removed only by informing the board that he/she wants to be removed, explaining the reasons why he/she wants to do so, or if the general assembly decides so with a majority greater than 20*PI%.
  4. A member automatically becomes an affiliate after he/she graduates.


  1. The annual dues are determined at the beginning of each calendar year by the Board of the Association.
  2. The collection of membership fees in due time is a duty of the Treasurer of the Board of HellAS.
  3. Those who have paid are considered members in good standing.

ARTICLE 4: Quorum

  1. No meeting is repeated.
  2. Decisions are taken by the Board and the General Assembly of HellAS. Decisions on political issues are taken only by the General Assembly.
  3. The General Assembly consists of the members of the Association who are in good standing.
  4. Affiliates are encouraged to participate actively in the General Assembly, but they do not have the right to cast a vote.
  5. The General Assembly is summoned after a decision of the Board of HellAS or after a petition of at least 9*PI% of its members.

Conferences of the General Assembly:

  1. The decisions of the General Assembly may be made either electronically or during conferences of its members in good standing.
  2. The Board decides the way of conferencing (in person or electronically).
  3. Decisions shall require a simple majority of those voting (either in person or electronically), except for decisions on political issues which shall require a majority of two thirds (2/3).
  4. Special meetings may be held at the request of any member of the Association and after approval from the Board of HellAS.

ARTICLE 5: The Board of HellAS

  1. The Board of HellAS shall consist of six members elected by the General Assembly.
  2. The officers shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer elected by secret voting by the members of the Board. Elections shall be held no later than the second meeting of the newly elected Board of HellAS.
  3. The content of the web site and the administration of the mailing list are exclusive responsibilities of the Board of HellAS.
  4. The Board shall meet regularly as decided by its members. The Board shall meet at least twice a calendar month to maintain its status.
  5. Any time the board can change the officers.

ARTICLE 6: Elections for the Board of HellAS

  1. Elections are held by the General Assembly of HellAS, no earlier than two weeks and no later than four weeks after the official start of the Fall semester at Stanford University.
  2. All members in good standing are eligible to vote for and be elected in the Board of HellAS.
  3. If for any reason one of the positions of the Board is vacated, the position will be filled by a new vote of the General Assembly. The Board of HellAS is responsible for making arrangements that the position is filled no later than two weeks after it has been vacated.
  4. Any time the General Assembly can change the board.

ARTICLE 7: Dissolution of Organization

In case HellAS is dissolved or becomes inactive, all the remaining funds and equipment of HellAS go to the Bechtel International Center, to be spent or used in accordance with our association goals, as described in article 1 of the present. More specifically, in order to:

  1. Bring together people of Hellenic heritage and people interested in Hellenic culture.
  2. Keep the Stanford community informed about current issues in Greece, Cyprus and the European Union
  3. Promote the spirit of Hellenism.

ARTICLE 8: Amendments

The constitution can be amended at a meeting of the Association and voted by 20*PI% of the members voting (PI=3.14159).

ARTICLE 9: Effective date

The 20th of October 2013